Toddler Cavities
toddler cavity
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Tooth decay and other dental related problems are things that are commonly associated with adults; however these common oral ailments are becoming prominent in young children and toddlers.

Dental caries, also commonly known as toddler cavities is a chronic childhood disease that is tormenting our little ones these days. In fact, this condition is five times more likely to occur in toddlers than asthma and severe bronchitis.

If the condition is not properly treated when it first occurs, it can adversely affect c child’s adult teeth and cause poor dental conditions and other diseases to carry on with the child through their adult years. This medical ailment can lead to serious complications as well. It can cause infections, abscesses, pain, malnutrition, chewing problems, and different gastrointestinal disorders.

Aside from these serious health complications children that are affected with dental caries can also experience impaired speech problems, and be prone to facing childhood obesity and serious malnutrition issues. It is astounding how many additional medical concerns this oral health problem can cause to these small children and parents alike.

The thing that makes this condition so detrimental is oral problems can begin extremely early, and some small children may experience multiple cavities early on. In fact, dentists have found that there are an abundant amount of kids that are showing the signs of multiple infections in their oral cavities before reaching the age of five. Some toddler’s teeth start decaying before they have fully grown into the child’s mouth.

The only way to prevent a toddler from experiencing toddler cavities is to keep their dental health a main priority in your life. The treatment options for this condition will vary based upon the individual child and how far the condition has progressed. According to the American dental association, parents should schedule an initial dentist visit by the time that their little one reaches their first birthday.

Parents will also need to ensure that their children are practicing excellent oral hygiene techniques. Some of these techniques include brushing their teeth after they have completed consuming a meal and also engaging in flossing on a daily basis. Parents will need to supervise their children in order to ensure that they are participating in proper flossing techniques until they reach ten years old.
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